Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

I took these to a fun Halloween lunch that I went to with my little 4 year old. She loved helping me decorate these cookies - especially putting the little chow mein noodle skeleton fingers in. I love Halloween so much!! Spooky yummy fun!

Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

1 box cake mix, prepared as cupcakes as directed on box (or your favorite from scratch recipe)
1 tub white frosting (or your favorite homemade)
24 Milano cookies
1 cup chocolate chips
1 row of Oreo cookies from a package
1 row of Golden Oreo cookies from a package
pumpkin shaped candies (they are the ones that taste like candy corn)
1 bag chow mein noodles

Prepare 24 cupcakes with a box of cake mix or you can make them from scratch if you prefer. Allow cupcakes to completely cool before decorating.

Melt chocolate chips in 30 second intervals in the microwave. When melted pour into a freezer bag and snip the very tip off of one of the bottom corners. Use bag like a piping bag and pipe RIP onto each Milano cookie. Place finished cookies on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer until chocolate writing has hardened.

Blend Oreo and Golden Oreo cookies in a blender. Place Oreo crumbs into a bowl. Frost cupcakes generously with white frosting. Dip the frosted cupcakes into the Oreo crumbs to make the "dirt" of the graveyard. Place a Milano cookie in the middle of each cupcake and press a candy pumpkin into the frosting. Take 5 chow mein noodles and press into the cupcake to make skeleton fingers coming out of the dirt. Do the same on the other side. You can leave the "fingers" off if you want a tamer graveyard.:)

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