Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Breakfast Smoothie

My kids have really been into smoothies for breakfast lately. It's amazing the things you can hide in a smoothie and your kids will still think it's such a treat! This recipe of course is very adaptable. I really like the added richness that avocado gives it. Yum. BTW, my kids, very excitedly, call it the Kung Fu Panda Smoothie because the tofu package that I buy right now has Po from Kung Fu Panda on it. Yay for tofu marketing to kids. I usually double this to feed my whole family for breakfast and serve it with whole wheat toast with peanut butter on it. This breakfast makes everyone happy.

Our Breakfast Smoothie

1 cup orange juice (or other liquid such as: vanilla soy milk, vanilla almond milk, pineapple juice, etc.)
1 banana
1 cup frozen berries or other frozen fruit (optional, I use frozen mixed berries)
3 oz silken tofu (or a scoop of protein powder)
1/2 cup ice cubes
large handful spinach or kale
1 tablespoon psyllium husk powder (or powdered apple fiber, ground flax, etc.)
1/2 an avocado (optional)

Combine all in the blender and let it rip. Makes about 3, 1 cup servings.

*For a less sweet "green smoothie" use soy milk or almond milk and leave out the berries.

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