Monday, March 11, 2013

Pioneer Woman Brisket

Recently my family ate some of the best brisket we've ever had at Rudy's (a Texas BBQ restaurant). Wow, it was incredible. So ever since eating that fabulous brisket I've been wanting to make brisket at home. Then I was watching Pioneer Woman on the Food Network and voila, she made a brisket recipe that looked easy and yummy. Is this brisket as wonderful as Rudy's? No. Just keeping it real. But this brisket is still lovely and delicious and can be served on a bun for a brisket sandwich or all by itself. Seriously good!

Pioneer Woman Brisket

1 large brisket
48 oz ketchup
2 packets dry onion soup mix
few dashes Tabasco
2 cups water

Place brisket in a baking dish large enough to fit it or in a foil roasting pan. Combine ketchup, onion soup mixes, Tabasco, and water; pour over brisket. Cover tightly with foil. Cook at 275 degrees for 6 hours or until tender and falling apart. Cut into slices against the grain. Serve as is or in a bun with bbq sauce (I served it with Rudy's "Sissy Sauce", which is the best bbq sauce! Yum!)

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